Profile OpenSea Web3 Wired

Profile OpenSea Web3 Wired
Profile OpenSea Web3 Wired

Are you looking for a profile on OpenSea called Web3 Wired? If so, keep reading, we might have found what you want!

There is no profile account on OpenSea that currently matches the profile name "Web3 Wired".

It's possible this account existed previously but is now gone.

There's also a chance that you are likely after one of the following OpenSea profiles or accounts instead.

We'searched for you to narrow it down. See below.

Option 1

OpenSea Profile wwweb

wwweb profile

This profile is located here. The profile has collected 215 items and created 46 items across 3 collections. The collections are the following: wwweb Collection, The Beautiful Images on Earth, and web3ID.

Below is a short list of items marked as "Recently sold" although it is unclear whether these items have sold or not.

Recently sold items

Below is an item that potentially matches the search term. It's an item called GhostWIRE and is part of the web3ID collected and owned by wwweb.

Option 2

OpenSea Profile Unnamed

Unnamed profile 0x53a8CFe808BE2C8a6623973398AeF4255a4795eC

This unnamed profile has collected 28 items and created 5 across 2 different collections. The 2 collections are called Domaniacs and OG D3CONOMISTS.

Below is a list of items that this profile has both collected and owns.

Items belonging to unnamed

Below is a screenshot of an item, found here, that this unnamed profile owns which may be a match for what you are after. The item is called wired.web3. It's from a collection called WNS: Web3 Name Service.


Option 3

OpenSea Profile Unnamed (again)

Unnamed profile 0x90e727ff8C4fcf42B9C9c8bd423488C9C8933963

This is another unnamed profile that may match what you are looking for.

The unnamed profile has collected 128 items and created none. Below is a screenshot of items belonging to this profile.

Items belonging to 0x90e727ff8C4fcf42B9C9c8bd423488C9C8933963

An interesting item that belongs to the profile is shown below. It's called web3wire.eth and is again another of these domain name types of NFTs.

It was originally created by a verified OpenSea account called ENS: Ethereum Name Service.

Not the WEB3 Wired Opensea Profile You Were Looking For?

Other related options that you may be searching for are Ethereum Name Service or ENS ( which is the creator and company behind Option 3 above.

Similarly, there is also Web3 Name Service or wnsdomains (, which is the creator of Option 2 above.

Hope that helps!

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