About this site

Crypto Fireside is an independent publication launched in April 2021. The initial blog was hosted and run on Medium.com.

Crypto Fireside is produced chiefly as an independent crypto-related blog focusing on interviews, guides, reviews, and commentary. If you would like to be featured or interviewed or have a business query just reach out and say 'hi'.

A word from Julian, the guy behind the thing.

I am working on Crypto Fireside because I had been reading, consuming, and creating crypto-related content for some time. I saw all these brilliant and creative people building cool things with crypto, blockchain, and distributed technology and so I just decided to start telling people about all the awesome stuff I was finding.

One thing led to another. I decided, that to get these stories out into the world, there was no better way than to just simply interview folks in a text-based Q&A format (that's where the fireside comes from). I'd ask them a bunch of questions with the intention of building a bit of an origin and founder story as well as talking about the project that they were working on.

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