The resources below are a short list of crypto and related products and services that we personally use and recommend. We may receive a commission if you decide to buy through our links. Not all of these companies pay us a commission, but we don't care, if we use it and we like it, we'll tell you about it.


Exodus Wallet

Easily one of the best Bitcoin & cryptocurrency wallets.

Exodus provides a range of wallet options which sets it apart from most other wallet providers. Exodus offers a Web3 browser wallet that can be used with Chrome and Brave, a mobile wallet available through Google Play and the Apple App Store, a desktop wallet, and a Trezor wallet connection.

The wallet allows you to access over 235 cryptocurrencies, exchange currencies, send & receive, stake and now you can even purchase crypto through their Ramp connection.

Overall a brilliant, easy-to-use, intuitive wallet and when something doesn't go as planned they have 24/7 support that actually responds!


Ledger is a simple yet powerful little hardware wallet.

Again, I have used this bad boy for years. I was initially worried about using a hardware wallet because I had a lot of questions about its setup, just for the fact it is so different from a wallet application on your phone or desktop but the setup and use of this thing are as simple as it gets. If you can set up a chrome device or Bluetooth speaker, you can easily set one of these up and begin securely using it to store your crypto.



TradeOgre is a centralized yet privacy-coin-focused exchange with no KYC.

I have been using this one for years without worry or concern. It's got a kind of retro feel to it. TradeOgre is no frills! It's simple, which is why I like it. No cheesy promos, no e-celebs, just plain old trading. In fact, their home page barely has any options (distractions) on it.

This is definitely one for the privacy-focused individual.


Bittrex is another exchange that I have been using for years. While it isn't as no-frills as TradeOgre it is still a clean and easy-to-use exchange that doesn't have that annoying commercial feel that you get from exchanges like Binance and