Are you a writer, blogger, or journalist (or want to become one?) that is passionate about cryptocurrency and related topics?

We're now on the hunt for writers who can contribute to Crypto Fireside! Read on.

Why Write for Crypto Fireside?

Each contributing writer receives his or her page, much like this one, or this one where you can link your website and social media pages. If you have a blog or you work for another publication feel free to link it. This isn't just great for you to show off what you do but it also has powerful SEO benefits.

Writing for Crypto Fireside is an excellent way to distribute your work, grow your reach and in a sense 'borrow' the publication's readers. We receive many tens of thousands of views and so the benefits speak for themselves.

Finally, you can use your work on Crypto Fireside, including your page as a reference for any future projects or jobs that you apply for, but also...something special... any contributing writer is eligible for a written reference from the founder and editor.