Dan Peña Is Wrong About Bitcoin! (And That’s Why He Is Brilliant)

Dan Pena Bitcoin
Dan Pena Bitcoin

I have to admit it. I love Dan Pena. I also love Bitcoin.

He’s old school. He’s balls to the walls. He doesn’t give a flying-f*ck. He says a lot of things I think and often say in my inner circles because I don't have the kind of f*ck you money that he has, to be able to say those things publicly.

Still, Dan Pena Is Wrong About Bitcoin - 100% Dead Wrong

Dan Pena knows he has no idea who is behind Bitcoin. Let me explain why that is absolutely autistic-level genius for all you MEAT HEADS out there!

But first, if you weren’t already aware, here are some of the claims Dan Pena has made about Bitcoin.

1. Russian President Vladimir Putin created Bitcoin.

2. Bitcoin is a Russian conspiracy.

3. Bitcoin is going to ZERO!

Did you catch that?

The little hints and clues that Dan gives away?

Watch again if you didn’t.

Dan says he knows with 100% certainty who the creator of Bitcoin is.

And if you couldn’t tell he is entertaining and being purposefully hyperbolic and tongue in cheek when he says it's President Putin. This is what Dan does. He’s over the top. He’s a combination of Donald Trump, Randy Savage, and Tony Robbins!

We ALL KNOW who Bitcoin’s creator is. Don't we?

It’s a play on words.

The creator is ANONYMOUS. Say that back to yourself a couple of times.

Satoshi Nakamoto is an ANONYMOUS pseudonym. The person or persons behind Bitcoin will never-ever-ever be revealed.

Dan Pena knows that too! And he is leveraging it big time.

None of us knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is. He knows that the anonymous creator behind Bitcoin is never going to be revealed. Not in our lifetime. For all we know, the creator is dead.

Some have suspected, that a clandestine group or maybe even a 3-letter-agency created it. If that is true, it’s even more reason to believe that the true identity will never be revealed.

Additionally, Pena knows that not even a $100 Million court case can reveal who is behind the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym. If money talks, it ain't talking!

Dan Pena has $390,796,881,646 reasons (the current BTC market cap) to be confident in peddling his theories. The market cap signifies to Pena that people are satisfied with not knowing the Bitcoin creator's identity. Why? There is an argument to be made that this is the reason for the historic rise in the price and cap of Bitcoin.

Dan Pena on Bitcoin - Absolute Genius!

Pena gets free exposure, free press, and free marketing from it.

And unlike Craig Wright, he doesn’t have to go to court for it.

Again, I'll go back and say, did you catch it?

Did you catch the other thing Dan says in those videos?

He admits he does not understand Bitcoin! Dan admits it, there are no ifs or buts about it. Bitcoin is nothing but free press for Dan Pena and he uses it brilliantly.

Just take a look at this web page that Dan recently published on his website danpena.co.uk which is titled QLA Vs Bitcoin. Is it obvious yet?

He leverages the fact no one on Earth knows who Satoshi is and he makes a big song and dance about it, getting people to tune into him and what he has to say.

There are 2,730,000 results when you Google the term Dan Pena Bitcoin. Got your attention finally!? Here is just one of those hilarious results:

Old Man Yells At Bitcoin
Old Man Yells At Bitcoin - Credit: Tenor.

Videos, gifs, articles, pictures, podcasts, forum posts, and arguments all over the damn internet.

All due to Dan Pena’s seemingly crazy claims about Bitcoin.

Pena is doing what every single celebrity trash magazine has done before him. Put out a rumor with zero basis in reality, with zero facts, nothing. Nada. Just a made-up crazy thing to say, knowing there is no correcting it, knowing there is no one to dispute it accurately, he just pushes it, hypes it, and lets the Internet do the rest.

Like I said. Brilliant.

Why didn’t I think of it?

Dan Pena Bitcoin - cryptofireside.com
Dan Pena Bitcoin - cryptofireside.com

What About Dan Pena Saying Bitcoin Is Going to Zero?

Really? Come on now.

I just showed you how Dan himself has said that he has no idea how Bitcoin works, and I have just proven to you, how this is all one big publicity stunt and you still want to know?

OK. Here is what I think. That was a story I posted to Hacker Noon some time ago which was in response to my other devil's advocate styled article called Why Bitcoin Will Fail.


Bitcoin is not going to fail, and Dan Pena has no clue whether it will or won't. End.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Is he just a crazy old man or is there a brilliant strategy behind all this?

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