Crypto Kirby: A Ridiculous Review of This YouTube Channel

Crypto Kirby calls himself an expert. Is he really? A review of the channel and content below.

Crypto Kirby YouTube
Crypto Kirby 

Crypto Kirby

Crypto Kirby also known as "Crypto Kirby Trading" is a verified YouTube channel that was started in April 2018 and currently has 158K subscribers. Interestingly the oldest video on the channel was posted in January 2020.

The Crypto Kirby YouTube channel says that it focuses on crypto technical analysis. It appears to mostly be looking at Bitcoin and occasionally also Ethereum.

As we can see from the videos and thumbnails, this channel likes to use the old doom and gloom marketing tactic, where, of course, the world is about to end, and so that is why you MUST WATCH...and SUBSCRIBE.

Just take a look below at the screenshot I took, this was taken from the videos page and was ordered by the most recent video.

Crypto Kirby YouTube Videos
Crypto Kirby YouTube Videos

Crypto Kirby Trading: YouTube Channel (RIDICULOUS) Review

Most recently, all of Crypto Kirby's videos start off with an air raid siren sound effect that immediately gets your attention before the anonymous channel host introduces himself and the video.

The host usually begins by referring to himself (Crypto Kirby) as a "cryptocurrency expert". The expert does all this in the first 30 seconds of his introduction.

Crypto Kirby the "cryptocurrency expert" in this video reminds his audience how right he has been recently due to the bear market. He says things like "the Don struck gold again" while he flashes his signature Trading View screen and draws some expert-like circles and lines on the screen signifying his allegedly correct predictions about the bear market not being over.

"The Don" is something Crypto Kirby and his followers refer to him as. I'm assuming this means he thinks of himself as a crime boss or that his predictions are so good he deserves a certain level of respect, probably the latter. In any case, this is a little cringe-inducing and weird.

Crypto Kirby AKA The Don
Crypto Kirby AKA The Don

Below is a screenshot from the Crypto Kirby VIP Telegram channel where Crypto Kirby the "cryptocurrency expert" refers to himself as "The Don".

The Don
The Don

More on the Telegram channel in a moment.

Back to the Crypto Kirby YouTube review.

The videos all start off with a disclaimer, or as The Don calls it, a "DISCLAIMER/RISK WARNING", which of course you have to pause because it flashes momentarily on the screen for barely 2 seconds.

The disclaimer talks about the content only being informational and for entertainment purposes...ahh OK, now that makes sense as to why he plays an air siren and calls himself The Don. Because this is a movie and Tom Cruise is about to come on screen and kill bad guys!

The warning goes on to say the typical stuff you'd expect in a disclaimer such as, he accepts no liability and of course that Crypto Kirby may have an interest in the cryptocurrencies referred to in the material.

The disclaimer is below.

Crypto Kirby Disclaimer
Crypto Kirby Disclaimer

Most of Crypto Kirby's videos have ridiculous click-bait-inducing titles such as:

  • ⚠️WHAT!?⚠️BITCOIN TO DROP WAYYYY LOWER !!?⚠️Crypto Price Prediction TA/BTC Cryptocurrency News Today
  • ⚠️WHAT!!!?⚠️BITCOIN WILL EXPLODE HIGHER!?⚠️Crypto Price Prediction TA/ BTC Cryptocurrency News Today
  • ⚠️WHAT!!!?⚠️BITCOIN WILL EXPLODE HIGHER!?⚠️Crypto Price Prediction TA/ BTC Cryptocurrency News Today

Something to be expected from a guy that calls himself The Don. Yuck.

Videos on the channel receive on average 29.3k views. When sorting by most popular we can see that the most viewed video has 52k views and the channel as a whole has a total of 7,400,719 views across 252 videos.

The channel content is mostly about trading, technical analysis, and speculative opinions, and sprinkled throughout is usually some related financial news.

I've not done, and am not going to do, a full-on analysis of each video or look at all of Crypto Kirby's predictions because honestly, he is not worth it, but just taking a general approach from everything that I have seen, most of his predictions are not specific enough to even be able to easily analyze, which I think he does on purpose.

If you flip a coin, it's always going to land on either heads or tails and so it is the same with the markets, they will either go up or down. In a bear market, they will usually go down and so it is not difficult to predict where the overall price is headed.

This is why in his videos The Don does not specify a lot of specific buy and sell targets or even show the viewer his own buy and sell targets because surely if he was so good, he would just show us his own prior targets and show us his trade history to back it up. Instead, he uses the news and confirmation bias to trick his audience into believing he is some kind of expert.

The closest you get for targets from Crypto Kirby is things such as this where he predicts the price of Ethereum. You'll notice he was wrong by the way, but of course, he didn't specify a timeline. He did circle events in August, but did not specify the dates verbally and instead used his Trading View tool to indicate them.

I'd bet if you asked him he would tell you that he meant ETH at 1k would happen later on...

The videos that our "cryptocurrency expert" friend produces and publishes are sometimes but not always monetized with YouTube ads. I went through more than two dozen recent videos and only found ads to be shown on a couple of videos like this one and this one.

Speaking of monetization, this is of course what these videos are all about. Moolah!

Crypto Kirby VIP

Crypto Kirby AKA The Don AKA the Cryptocurrency Expert has designed his videos and everything about them in a way to attract viewers and subscribers to his channel so that he can then monetize them through his special VIP program which he also refers to as "VIP ELITE TRADE ALERTS".

Crypto Kirby VIP
Crypto Kirby VIP

Crypto Kirby pushes all of his viewers to a Telegram channel he calls Crypto Kirby VIP. You can view it here. There are 4517 subscribers to this channel currently.

Crypto Kirby VIP channel
Crypto Kirby VIP channel

The Crypto Kirby VIP channel is nothing more than a couple of screenshots and some messages that direct viewers to his real VIP area. The message states that VIP access gives you:

  • personal trade setup ideas
  • speculative insights
  • speculative targets and more!
Crypto Kirby VIP access
Crypto Kirby VIP access

All you have to do is send a message to @CryptoKirbyTrading on Telegram and use the code "CRUSH IT" to claim your one-off special VIP slot!

Crypto Kirby Trading
Crypto Kirby Trading

I could not confirm the cost to join Crypto Kirby's VIP.

I reached out to Crypto Kirby but did not hear back. One Redditor reported that it cost "0.85BTC ~$3200 for 3 months, or 1.95BTC for a year." that same Redditor supplied the following image.

Crypto Kirby Price
Crypto Kirby Price

Another researcher claims the same (maybe the same person?):

crypto kirby offers vip channel and selling membership for 0.85BTC for 3 months, or 1.95BTC for a year!

It's obvious Crypto Kirby is using his YouTube channel solely to publish content all so that he can sell access to his paid VIP Telegram group. With Telegram and Bitcoin operating the way that they do, I think it would be almost impossible for you to get your money if for whatever reason you felt as though that needed to happen.

Bitcoin is one-way traffic only. Once you send your BTC, you can't exactly call it back or ask a third party to do it for you. Once it's gone, it's gone!

Similarly, Telegram is permissionless. There are odd stories of people and groups being banned but bans are relatively easy to get around on Telegram and creating an account is even easier.

Ask yourself, why does an anonymous "cryptocurrency expert" need to do business only using Bitcoin and Telegram?

Crypto Kirby Trading

The next set of questions that popped up for me was: Does Crypto Kirby even trade and is he a trader? Do we have any evidence that he trades or has traded in the past? How exactly is he an expert?

I have searched far and wide and have found no evidence of Crypto Kirby trading.

There is not a single screenshot, video, reference, review, testimony, or anything that exists which can establish that the person or group of people behind the YouTube channel are trading the cryptocurrency or have traded it at an "expert" level in the past. I call BS.

For all we know, they make all their money through the VIP Telegram group.

Who Is Crypto Kirby?

The short answer is that no one knows and unless someone wants to sue the channel or legally demand the information from YouTube, there is no good way to find out who Crypto Kirby is.

What we do know is that the name originally came from Nintendo’s Kirby character, and we know this because originally Crypto Kirby Trading used Nintendo's Kirby as the profile picture. We also know that the person speaking in the videos has an American accent. I'm no expert on accents but if I had to guess I'd say he is from the East Coast.

The Real Kirby
The Real Kirby


While some people online are calling Crypto Kirby a scammer, I don't know if I would go so far just yet. If he was stealing people's money or convincing them that he is going to make them filthy rich with his trade signals, sure, I'd go there.

Personally, I think he/they tries to be a little bit careful with what they do and the use of words such as "speculative" which you will see throughout the channels, as well as the disclaimers that are posted inside the video descriptions and also in the video itself. They do this for obvious reasons, to protect themselves.

I think he/they design and create their content all in the hopes that they can sell more access to their VIP group. This is what the whole thing is about. Paid access to Telegram groups. I don't believe Crypto Kirby is an expert at anything other than getting people to pay for access to his Telegram groups.

Why do they do this? Because it's easy money!

You create content, make it seem like you know what you are doing, and then tell people you can show them the way, all they have to do is pay you some BTC, you give them access, and then you post your trade "speculative insights" and signals.

There are so many of these types of schemes that exist in the world of cryptocurrency that it is difficult not to find them. These types of schemes are not just related to crypto, they are also prevalent in the Forex space, sports betting, and stocks.

The trade signals that Crypto Kirby provides could be his/their own, they could come from software or they could be scraped and copied from other groups or they could just be completely made up. No one really knows and personally speaking, I am not willing to pay for VIP access just to check and report back.

In my view, someone that calls themself an expert trader but shows zero evidence for this so-called expertise is just full of it!

They might be scammers and they might not be too, but one thing is for sure, Crypto Kirby is not an expert crypto trader because if he was, he'd be making a killing in the markets and not wasting his time designing, shooting, editing and publishing anonymous YouTube videos or managing Telegram groups because those are not the actions of a "cryptocurrency expert".

Ask yourself this; if Crypto Kirby is an expert trader, why doesn't he create and sell books or courses on trading and technical analysis as a general topic? It's because creating content of that nature is a lot harder and takes real expertise, which he doesn't have. It is much easier to convince people that you are an expert than it is to be one.

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