CNFT Calendar | A Crypto Fireside Review

The following is a review of the website and service called CNFT Calendar.

CNFT Calendar | A Review
CNFT Calendar | A Review

CNFT Calendar is a Cardano Non-Fungible Token calendar. The service is provided via a website instead of an app and it has a simple and clean design where users can easily scroll the home page for upcoming Cardano NFT drops.

The Basics

The home page consists of 5 "featured" upcoming NFT drops that are displayed with the option to load more. There is a search function as well as a 'sort features' and 'tags search' functionality which just makes it easier for the user to modify their search if they are looking for something specific and the results can also be displayed in a grid style layout for those that prefer that offer the list style layout.

The website features an explore option, which, when selected takes you to a new page that has a ton of previous Cardano NFT projects uploaded, these all appear to have already dropped.

CNFT Calendar homepage
CNFT Calendar homepage

How to Submit an NFT to CNFT Calendar

NFT artists and creators can submit their NFT creations to CNFT Calendar by selecting the option on the website called submit a drop. Once navigating to this part of the website, you're given a web-based application form that asks you for some basic information which has a few mandatory fields.

CNFT Calendar application form
CNFT Calendar application form

The next part of the application process asks for more information such as the launch date and time, the project's description, tags, images, and more. Finally, you are taken to a page that asks for social and community information such as Twitter, Discord, and website URLs as well as an email address and the option to request for the NFT to be featured or not. Presumably, this means there is a fee involved, although it did not specify on this page unless I missed it.

CNFT Calendar application form 2
CNFT Calendar application form 2

The form can then be submitted and the website has a message posted that says it's estimated someone from CNFT Calendar will get back to you within 1-2 days.


CNFT Calendar also offers advertising via its website in the form of ad slots. The options appear to be a standard ad and a premium ad. The main difference is that the premium ads are full page width and sit above all other banners and ads.

CNFT Calendar ad descriptions
CNFT Calendar ad descriptions

CNFT Calendar currently charges 55 ADA for a premium ad slot and 30 ADA for a standard. These charges are on a per-day basis, and they appear to be discounted currently down from 90 ADA and 55 ADA, respectively.

CNFT Calendar ad pricing
CNFT Calendar ad pricing

How Do the Drop Reminders Work?

When selecting an NFT drop from the home page, you are taken to the NFT projects drop page, which provides a lot more information about the project, such as the minting price of the NFT, all of the project social and community links, and statistics, descriptions, photos, and of course the minting date and a countdown timer.

CNFT Calendar NFT drops page
CNFT Calendar NFT drops page

Users that want to be reminded about any of the Cardano NFT drops can select the "REMIND" button, which takes users to a pre-filled Google event calendar where all you have to do is hit the save button, and the calendar will save the NFT drop details into your calendar with reminders already pre-filled.

Because this functionality is using Google calendar, any of this information can be edited in the on-screen editor, so for example, if you want to be reminded 24hrs earlier by email and then 30 minutes prior to the drop by a Google notification, you could do that.

The default reminder settings preset by CNFT Calendar are set at 10 minutes for email and 30 minutes for notifications.

CNFT Calendar Google event reminder
CNFT Calendar Google event reminder

Personally, I use Google calendar, and so this was no problem for me but I wondered what about users that do not use Google calendar, obviously they can just manually enter the info into their own calendar but I wasn't satisfied with that, so I reached out to CNFT Calendar and asked the question.

They basically said that it was a great suggestion (thank you, thank you) and that they would take it on. I decided that while I now had email contact, I should ask a bunch more questions. See below:

When did you start the service?

CNFT Calendar was started 1 year ago in September 2021 when Cardano NFTs were just starting their first boom.

Why did you start the service?

At the time, there wasn't any good place to find upcoming NFT projects on Cardano that had a clean layout. Everything was missing a lot of information and very cluttered.

I decided to create CNFT Calendar because I was actively looking for new drops I wanted a site that I could use for myself.

Are you working on any new features? An app maybe?

We have a review process for projects that we list, but we plan on adding a better verification process to reduce the risk of rug pulls in the space. We also would like to integrate more analytics features into our app and will be rolling more of those out over time.

Where do you get the drops from?

Since our website has one of the largest audiences in the Cardano space, most projects will reach out to us and submit an application to be listed.

You are partnered with NMKR, what does that mean exactly?

We have an integration between our two websites, and partnership links between both of us. The goal of the partnership is to enhance the user experience of CNFT collectors by creating an easier way for users to find and list drops after they create them through the NFT Maker app.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

We're excited to see the development of the Cardano NFT space. We've seen a lot of projects launch in the space and have learned to recognize elements that separate successful projects. To share that knowledge we've launched a newsletter at that provides insights into some of the projects we're watching. Make sure to subscribe to get a better idea of where to start your research!


CNFT Calendar also offers a weekly newsletter which it publishes via Substack. The newsletter contains what CNFT Calendar says are the most interesting & unique NFT drops.

CNFT Calendar newsletter
CNFT Calendar newsletter

I subscribed to the newsletter for the sake of this review and it's laid out as follows: each newsletter comes with a list of 3 trending Cardano NFTs, 3 projects to watch and why it matters, as well as 3 recently sold-out projects. All in all a good summary I thought.

NFT Calendar newsletter part 2
NFT Calendar newsletter part 2

All in all, CNFT is a great, free NFT calendar service that will only get better over time. I suspect they will add more functionality and more features for their users.

People Also Ask

Does CNFT Calendar Have Any Competitors?

Yes. There are a number of Cardano NFT calendar services. A couple of examples of competitors are as follows:

Is CNFT Calendar a Free or Paid Service?

Both the Cardano NFT calendar and reminder services are free, as is browsing the site with no sign-up or log-in required. The newsletter is also free.

Advertising on CNFT Calendar is not a free service and comes with a daily ADA fee of 55 or 30 ADA for either a premium or standard ad.

It is not clear how much featuring a Cardano NFT drop costs at this stage.

Does CNFT Calendar Have Any Community Pages or Chat Groups?

CNFT Calendar has a Twitter page with over 7700 followers and uses the handle @CnftCalendar. There is also a Discord with over 1500 members.

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