The 48 Best Crypto Websites and Apps That You Need to Know

And how you can use them to learn something new, invest in yourself, and come out on top when the market turns!

The 48 Best Crypto Websites and Apps That You Need to Know
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And how you can use them to learn something new, invest in yourself, and come out on top when the market turns!

The crypto market is down at the time of this writing (9 June 2022) and while everyone is down in the dumps the best thing you can do right now is to invest in the only thing that matters, you.

I have put together what I believe to be a rock-solid list of websites, apps, links, and resources that cover the entire Crypto industry. This list includes basics, coding, blockchain, trading, NFTs, DeFi, and a lot more.

You can use this list to practically learn anything you need about Crypto and the related NFT, DeFi, and Blockchain worlds.

So what are you waiting for, lets's get started.

Note: Some aspects of cryptocurrency such as NFTs and DeFi are such huge categories of knowledge that I could do an entire list just on these and so I have chosen to just stick to the basics.


[1] The Bitcoin Whitepaper — If you’ve never read it, read it. If you’ve read it, read it again.

[2] What is Bitcoin Mining — This is probably one of the best videos I have ever seen. It is what first got me interested in Bitcoin way back in 2013.

[3] The Whitepaper Database — Did you read the Bitcoin whitepaper? Don’t stop, read Ethereum, Monero, and more here.

[4] What is Blockchain? — One of the better, simpler, and easier to understand write-ups.

[5] A Brief History of Cryptocurrency— Via CryptoVantage, written in 2022, cut up into 6 short bites and takes no more than 10 minutes to read.


[6] Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain — From Udemy, taken by over 91 thousand people and rated 4.3 stars.

[7] Cryptocurrency Investment Fundamentals — Also from Udemy, taken by over 12 thousand students and rated 4.6 stars.

[8] Introduction to Digital Currencies — Taught by leading cryptocurrency expert Andreas Antonopoulos via UNIC. Note the next course starts in September 2022.

[9] Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies — Starts June 9, 2022, so you better enroll fast! There are over 600 thousand already enrolled! Provided by Coursera.

[10] Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies — Course offered by Berkley University California. Over 100 thousand have already registered. Self-paced.

[11] 113 Free Online Cryptocurrency Courses — Want more? Here is a list of 113 Cryptocurrency courses offered via Class Central.


[12] Ethereum Development Course — Blockchain at Berkeley — From Udemy, over 22 thousand students have taken this course.

[13] Blockchain Theory 101 — Also from Udemy and taught by Melanie Swan. Taken by over 60 thousand students with a star rating of 4.5.

[14] Learn Solidity, Blockchain, and Smart Contracts in a Free 16-Hour Course — Not much more to say, the course titles explains it all. Provided by freeCodeCamp. Solidity is one of the main languages used in the Crypto space.

[15] Learn Rust from Scratch — Course offered by educative and takes just 9 hours to complete. Rust is another one of the main languages used in the Crypto space.

[16] Node.js Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Node in 1 Hour— Node.js is an open-source server-side tool that is used frequently in Crypto.


[17] Stellar Faucet— All you have to do is enter your XLM address and solve the captcha (allegedly).

[18] Monero Faucet — Claim your free XMR from the faucet once every ~ 15 minutes.


[19] Time Bucks— This is a task-based website where they get you to do things such as posting to Facebook, playing games, and installing apps. Pays out in Bitcoin, but there are also some alternative cryptocurrencies available.

[20] Fire Faucet — Same as above. Earn by filling out surveys, watching videos, and more!


[21] Axie Infinity — A very well-known blockchain-based game in which players purchase NFTs of cute monsters and fight other players for rewards. Be warned though, you need Axie Infinity NFTs to start.

[22] Decentraland — Another well-known and popular play to earn game/ virtual world. It is free to play up front, however, once inside the game/world a lot of things cost money…but this is also exactly how you can monetize the game for yourself. Watch this video for more info.

[23] The Sandbox— Again another very popular, trusted game. The Sandbox is a virtual world where you can build, own, and monetize in-game experiences. The previous version of The Sandbox was free to play, but I cannot know if new versions will be free, DYOR. Watch this video for more info.

[24] Here is a FULL list of play-to-earn Crypto games — There are a LOT!


[25] STEPN— Players earn by walking, jogging, or running. A warning though, STEPN costs money upfront. Users need to buy virtual shoes to start playing.

[26] Sweatcoin — Sweatcoin is similar to STEPN in that it is a move-to-earn app however it works very differently. It is free-to-install and free-to-use but the coins you earn are used for in-app purchases or to be converted into discounts for other related offers.


[27] NFTs, explained — A recent article written by Mitchell Clark via The Verge and as part of a larger series called THE YEAR OF THE NFT. You can also listen to the article via the same link.

[28] A Complete Guide to Minting NFTs — This guide is written by Nicholas Rossolillo via The Motley Fool. It is well written and goes into detail. It does only cover the OpenSea marketplace though (below).

[29] OpenSea— OpenSea is the world’s first and largest NFT marketplace. You can mint and sell your NFTs here or find NFTs to buy and collect.

[30] Rarible — This is the largest alternative and competitor to OpenSea.

[31] List of NFT Marketplaces — Want more alternatives? This is a full list of 232 NFT marketplaces. And here is a bonus smaller list that's easier on the eyes.


[32] What Is Decentralized Finance (DeFi)?— A very well-written and concise introductory article written by Rakesh Sharma on the topic of DeFi via Investopedia.

[33] What is DeFi? A Beginner’s Guide to Decentralized Finance— Prefer a video? Watch this. Made by 99Bictoins.

[34] AAVE — AAVE is a lending protocol that allows you to earn interest, borrow assets, and build applications.

[35] Compound — An alternative and competitor to AAVE. Compound says it’s an algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol.

[36] Uniswap — Uniswap and similar exchanges are at the heart of DeFi. They are decentralized crypto exchanges where you can swap, earn, and build.

[37] MetaMask— A DeFi-related crypto wallet with over 30 million users worldwide.

[38] The DeFi List— The DeFi List is a very large collection of DeFi resources. Use it and thank me later.


[39] CoinMarketCap— No real explanation here. CMC is the world’s most popular price-tracking website.

[40] CoinGecko — CG is the alternative and the competitor to CMC. Personally speaking, I like CG better.

[41] TradingView— TV is the worlds leading charting platform and social network used by over 30 million traders and investors.


[42] Binance— This gets a mention even though I personally haaaaaaate it because it is the biggest and so I’ll give credit where credit is due.

[43] Exchanges List— Here is a full list of 577 centralized exchanges and a further 266 decentralized exchanges.

[44] TradeOgre— TG is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. It gets an honorable mention from me to you simply because they are an unknown hidden gem in the crypto world and somewhat of an underdog. The team is completely anonymous as is their domicile country and they have no KYC.


[45] r/CryptoCurrency— One of my favorite all-time Crypto resources that cover just about everything related to Crypto is this SubReddit. The users here will rip everything to shreds and turn it upside down, so be careful and remember to have fun.

[46] BitcoinTalk Forum — Similar to r/CryptoCurrency this forum is a legendary resource for anything crypto-related and has been around since it was founded in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto him/itself…


[47] LunarCrush — LC collects social and market activity for thousands of cryptocurrencies and publishes the information via a pretty cool interface of trending coins, topics and influencers.

[48] Decentralizing Everything Video — With Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin and one of my favorite people Naval Ravikant. This is a must-watch.


StakingRewards — Staking data.

NiceHash — Mining calculator and crypto platform for mining. You can buy and sell computing power here.

Buy Crypto with a credit card — Option #1.

Buy Crypto with a credit card — Option #2.

How to buy Bitcoin with credit card, cash, PayPal — via Decrypt.

Have a laugh here — Crypto memes :)

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