Decentralized Cryptocurrency Mutual Funds Are Here!

If you Google the term “What is a mutual fund?” you won't find any description or answer that uses the words ‘cryptocurrency’ or…

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Mutual Funds Are Here!
For some reason, this Rocket-horned Unicorn represents decentralized mutual funds.

If you Google the term “What is a mutual fund?” you won't find any description or answer that uses the words ‘cryptocurrency’ or ‘decentralized’.

That’s because it’s never existed before.

Welcome to the new era of decentralized mutual funds!

Unifund ($iFUND) is the group behind this new era of decentralized finance releasing their technology to the world in the latter stages of 2020.

What Unifund does is allow cryptocurrency investors, be they the clever and wealthy kind or the kind that plays video games in basements', to invest in the cryptocurrency market, specifically and currently the Uniswap market via their decentralized mutual fund app.

These mutual funds or as Unifund like to call them ‘social trade groups’ are managed by other users, any other user, via the DApp (which is essentially a type of two-sided marketplace).

Investors invest by connecting their wallet to the Unifund app, browsing the open mutual funds available (a very user-friendly menu tab IMO), making a selection, adding funds, and boom!

The entire process takes less time than making toast once you know which fund you’d like to select.


86% of Cryptocurrency Traders reported that inexperience, limited capital, stressful trading environments & outrageous gas fee’s were emptying their pockets.

That quote is taken directly from the Unifund website and it doesn’t take an investigation to realize this is true. It does not matter which market you look at whether it be Forex trading, Cryptocurrency trading, or decentralized trading on Uniswap, most mom and pop traders lose.

CoinTelegraph reported ‘95% of traders lose money and fail’. Because of similar failures in more traditional markets, the mutual fund has always been a safer way to trade and invest and with more capital. But here’s the thing with mutual funds, even when you lose, they win. The fee structures ensure they win.

This is where Unifund comes in. No fees to join, no fees to manage, eliminates the trading fees and in the world of smart contracts and Uniswaps, it reduces network congestion and gas fees by consolidating trades and pooling capital.


The beauty of the decentralized space that Bitcoin brought us and DeFi promises to expand is that there are many more options and hence opportunities. Unifund allows the fund manager to deposit collateral into his/her fund, this collateral acts as a type of counterparty risk. If they fail or try to pull a fast one your investment is backed to a level by their collateral.

This project is still in the very early stages, however rational optimists like myself (no room for false modesty) can see where it is going. I can see a very near future where any Joe-schmo can open an app, look at the fund managers on a board no different to how CoinMarketCap works and begin filtering through the funds and their managers by success rates, capital growth percentages, reviews, and other metrics, select their fund and ideally, turn the passive money key on.

Oh, and by the way, your “fund manager” might not even have to be human.

As with everything, do your own research (DYOR) and yes I am invested in this one.

Check it out → Unifund ($iFUND)

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