MaidSafe Releases Baby Fleming: Version 1 of Standalone Network

MaidSafe Releases Baby Fleming: Version 1 of Standalone Network

MaidSafe announced in its regular weekly update that it was releasing the first version of its standalone Network calling it Baby Fleming.

What is Baby Fleming?

To know what Baby Fleming is, first we need to understand what the Fleming milestone is.

MaidSafe on Fleming:

SAFE Fleming Network

The next major milestone for the SAFE Network. Whilst the Shared Vault Network will continue to function, this will be a standalone Network that will enable individuals to run Vaults — decentralised storage from home computers. The release of Fleming will be notable for many reasons, not least the fact that with data storage, the Network will now also contain Test Safecoin.

You can read more about Fleming here in a community post by user pierrechevalier83 or here on Medium in a blog post written in October 2018 by the MaidSafe team.

In a nutshell; Fleming takes all of the critical components of the network, and sticks them together to see what happens. It’s kind of like putting new ingredients onto a pizza base, sticking it in the oven, and tasting it after to see if it works or not.

More specifically Baby Fleming is

about iterating from a single vault network into a multiple vaults (single-section) network. From a user perspective, the exact same type of operations and use cases as Vaults Phase 1 are being supported by Baby Fleming, i.e. test-safecoin, wallets, files, NRS names, SAFE sites, etc.

For now, users will have to set up their own local networks. MaidSafe has indicated that a shared public network is currently being worked on and will be available soon.

To find out the specifics of what is included in this release head on over to the forum. Better yet, create an account, sign up and start chatting.

Until next time, AR

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