MaidSafe: Fleming Testnet Release!

MaidSafe: Fleming Testnet Release!
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Team MaidSafe from Ayr Scotland announced via their community forum on April 9th that their Fleming Testnet was dropping!

The Fleming testnet has dropped!
It feels very much like a decade+ of research and development, trial and error, blood, sweat and tears has borne some fruit today. We know you’ve been here for the ride and stuck with us, so enjoy trying it out and of course spread the word of what we’re achieving together here!
You can consider this Fleming testnet as the dry run, or the pre-flight checks for the huge milestone that is the Fleming release itself. This testnet includes all the major components that will form the core of the Safe Network.

As someone that has followed this project intently for six years, it is a great delight to see the team reach this momentous milestone.

MaidSafe for the uninitiated is building a new type of serverless Internet. Think of it if you will, like a distributed web with zero large-scale central servers, encryption (self-encryption actually), and with all of the applications you currently like to use online all managed via one password instead of dozens.

In-built self-authentication, privacy, anonymity, and all controlled by the user, an autonomous network management system with zero central power or control.

You can read more over at their website:

This news comes on top of the MaidSafe team’s announcement of a community fund to accelerate the rollout of the network - The BambooGarden Fund.

The Safe Network marks a revolutionary step forward in Cryptocurrency projects sphere; because it is not a blockchain project and it does not use a proof-of-work mechanism. It is completely authentic and unique.

In fact, if you go back far enough, you’ll see MaidSafe was researching and designing its technology before even Bitcoin…but that is for another day.

For now, if you’d like to take part in the testnet head on over to the forum post and follow the links.

If you are less of a technical person but you’d still like to get involved you can always share this post, join in on the conversation, or invest in the currency.

Stay tuned and definitely WATCH THIS SPACE!

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