5 Easy Methods to Make Money in Crypto Right Now

These methods cost nothing or very little to start. I have personally used some of these methods myself.

5 Easy Methods to Make Money in Crypto Right Now
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

These methods cost nothing or very little to start. I have personally used some of these methods myself.

Right now many people who are in crypto are feeling the pinch. The entire market is down and some projects and tokens are down between 50%-80%.

Whether you are currently in the crypto-space, or not, these 5 ways of making money within the crypto industry will likely work for you. You may have to tweak these methods to your own lifestyle and as always do your own research.

Below is a small list that I have personally put together. I didn’t copy this from some other list online, that I can assure you. These are ways that I personally know of that work. Either I have used these methods personally or I know someone who has with at most 2-degrees of separation.

I should mention, I purposefully wrote those without including investing or trading in cryptocurrency because this costs money and there is a time barrier. And I also chose not to include buying and or setting up expensive technical equipment for the purposes of mining or running master nodes.

The reason I have removed those categories is so that this can help anyone in the world reading this right now. Those 2 categories cost money. The 5 I will note below do not.

I make no guarantees for obvious reasons, but also because I don’t know you or your situation. In saying all that, if you can read this right now, there is a very high likelihood you can make one of these methods work for you. You might not make a million dollars right away but if you can pocket or set aside a new stream of income when everyone else is in the red, that's great if you ask me.

So, are you ready to get started? Let's go!

#1 — Create content. This is exactly what I do.

You are either reading this on Medium where I would have originally published it, but you may also be reading it on Hacker Noon or on any of the places I or others have chosen to distribute it.

Medium pays me a small amount as part of their partner program which means I get paid directly to write about Crypto. So far, this is not a lot of money, but I have had a couple of OK months, put it that way. Medium also allows users to promote affiliate links as does Hacker Noon.

And if you are clever you can export emails or build your own email list and market crypto-related products and services to that list of interested people.

It doesn’t even have to be written content.

‘Content’ is a giant umbrella term.

The other obvious forms of content you can create are YouTube videos, TikTok videos, or podcasts. Top YouTubers can earn tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, but like everything else, this follows the 80/20 rule with 20% of YouTubers making the most and the remaining 80% probably only earning between a couple hundred and a few thousand dollars per month.

This leads me to #2.

#2 — Become an influencer. Don’t cringe just yet, hear me out.

As a content creator ^ when your audience begins to grow you will begin to attract the attention of people within the industry. They will reach out to you by email, Twitter, or whatever platform it is that you post on.

You will start to receive offers if your content is good and if you have a genuine audience that you have not inflated artificially with paid followers and bots.

I personally receive offers all the time and I turn most down to be perfectly honest with you. There are a couple of main reasons I turn offers down, which I won't go into here but if you want to know, ask me in the comments. Here is an example of a blog post I recently wrote for a project on their own blog.

You can turn this into a full-time gig and there are companies and platforms out there dedicated 100% to crypto influencer marketing where you can sign up and earn money just by talking about crypto projects. I know because I have interviewed a couple of the founders of these influencer marketing companies and I have also interviewed other bloggers in the space that are doing what I do as well as some people who are producing NSFW content.

#3 — Play-to-earn.

I’m going, to be honest, and upfront with you on this one.

I am not a gamer. But my brothers and best friends are and so this one is on account of some friends of mine and a fair bit of reading and research online.

Can you really earn money playing video games?

The answer is yes.

There are stories all over the web with people earning everything from $5, $10, and $20 a day with some folks even suggesting that you can earn about $15 per hour if you take it seriously. At the other end of the scale, there are a handful of stories where people have been able to quit their jobs and completely replace their incomes. Be aware though, I have not authenticated these stories and they could be BS which is why I am not linking to them. If they are true it’s likely that both luck and timing are involved here. Meaning, that the people that have managed to do this (if true) usually got in early and usually, their story involves some kind of NFT that maybe they were airdropped or had access to via the game in the early days.

Here is a great post, covering the top play-to-earn games that was only just published 7 days ago.

#4 — Programming.

I spoke to the founder of a recruitment agency the other day about the topic of Solidity programming. You see, I already knew Solidity programmers were earning up to $200k per year but speaking with Neil Dundon, Founder of Crypto Recruit just solidified it for me, pardon the pun.

Neil went on to tell me that they are also looking for recruiters to be able to handle the volume of clients and applicants.

I won't go into too much detail here but if you can learn how to code or you are coding already, you can either find a new job in the crypto space which is paying very well at the moment, or just do contract work. You can find jobs as a freelancer via the many freelancing websites such as Fiverr, you can look on Reddit, ask around in Telegram groups, or post ads for your services on Craigslist.

I know this works because one of my friends does it. He supplements his business income with contracted coding and programming work while traveling around in a motorhome enjoying life.

#5 — Create and sell NFTs.

Again, I know this works because I have interviewed people that do it, several of them in fact!

What I learned from these folks is that you need to account for fees and so try to use platforms with low fees and low gas. If you sell an NFT for $30 but have to pay the platform $10 and another $10 transferring your crypto around from wallets into the platform's wallet, it’s not going to be profitable for you.

Don’t just think you can create anything, upload it, and boom. You have to put a little effort into marketing and distribution.

The other component I should mention is that simply designing or creating art and uploading that to an NFT platform is already old news in the space, what is hot right now is creating specific kinds of NFTS for games and Metaverse, with music NFTS becoming the next big thing too.

Do your research, this one, out of all the rest, probably takes the most amount of effort IMO but also has the potential to make you the most.


I said this would only include 5 methods, but decided to add a 6th just because I’m that kinda guy.

#6 — Get paid to get fit.

This is the newest innovation in the crypto space where users get paid for getting fit and burning calories.

When I say new, it's been worked on for quite some time, there was even talk of these apps in 2017 but for whatever reason, they struggled to get off the ground however recently projects like STEPN have been making some splashes.

I was a little skeptical when I first heard of these apps and projects taking off but just a week ago a friend of my wife’s and I, told us her younger brother made $100 hiking around the bush. I'm still asking questions trying to figure out how long it took him to get to this level and which app he used. I’ll update this post when I find out.

These are just a handful of ideas. There are plenty more! Pleeeeenty!

I could have easily made this list of methods 10 or even 20, and, in fact, I might do a part 2 depending on the feedback I get, but for time purposes I decided to stick to 5 (wait actually 6).

A few other notable bonus-bonus methods are noted below;

  • Finding freelance work in the crypto-space with resources such as the subreddit r/Jobs4Bitcoins.
  • Auditing smart contracts as an independent auditor.
  • Verifying owners and leaders of projects with KYC, as an independent contractor.
  • Game testing and general product testing.
  • A whole raft of marketing and sales roles such as affiliate marketing, shill campaigns, outreach campaigns, and more.
  • Community management roles where you get paid to manage Telegram and Discord groups.

As always tell me what you think in the comments below or better yet add your own method!


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