Why #TheGreatReset is Trending on Twitter Right Now

And what that might have to do with Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

Why #TheGreatReset is Trending on Twitter Right Now
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And what that might have to do with Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

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I'm a positive person generally speaking, or at least I try to be.

Just this weekend I was having a conversation with a friend at a birthday party and he said to me “look around, it doesn’t look like there is a recession does there, things don’t look all that bad?”.

The place we were at in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia was choc-a-bloc. This is Australian slang for ‘the place was full’. Everyone was happy and spending money.

But you go online, to Twitter. And it's the complete opposite.

Right now in Australia #TheGreatReset is trending (this was written yesterday 11/07/2022).


Australians, generally speaking are a laid bank bunch, even when our fuel costs are the highest they have ever been and we have only recently (in the great scheme of things) come out of some of the longest and most brutal Covid lockdowns.

But Australians being laidback does not mean they are stupid. There is a difference. The Australian people know what is happening around the world.

Twitter Australia, is filled with the following stories preceding the hashtag:

Protesters storm the Sri Lankan president’s residence.

Sri Lanka bans the sale of fuel to private cars.

Banks in China are freezing deposits and withdrawals.

Farmers in the Netherlands continue nationwide protests.

Shinzo Abe was assassinated.

Boris Jhonson was forced to resign.

Russia’s war with Ukraine continues.

Fuel prices almost everywhere on the planet are sky-high.

Food prices almost everywhere on the planet are sky-high.

World hunger rising…

…and of course, Interest rates are rising, AKA the price of money.

No matter how positive one is, it's hard not to see these things for what they are.

What does this have to do with Crypto?

Hang on, I’ll get to that.

There really does seem to be some kind of change in the global order.

All conspiracy theories aside, The Great Reset is a real agenda. It wasn’t made up by Alex Jones or David Icke. It’s real. And it has some pretty crazy ideas that combine to make it whole.

I’ll admit, I’ve not read the book yet, but I did put myself through the misery of listening to the podcast and reading through countless pages for hours on the WEF’s website.

I wonder if #TheGreatReset has anything to do with what is going on in the world today?

Am I suggesting that a bunch of globalists are sitting inside of their war rooms and pulling strings to make all of this happen? Not directly no.

But it is obvious to anyone that isn’t blinded by mainstream programming that prior to the onset of Covid, much of the world seemed calmer.

These global self-appointed governing bodies are the ones that directed the initiatives and then worked with governments around the world to implement the changes which like a Domino effect has caused some of what we are seeing right now.

To give you a local example, I remember listening to 3AW, a talk back radio station here in Melbourne right at the very beginning of Covid and they had Australian Businessman Mark Bouris on with another guest talking about how great it was that the Government would guarantee 6-month interest-free loans to small businesses because their business had been shut down…

…their business was shut down by the very government offering the loan!

And now we have rapidly growing inflation rates both here in Australia and around the world!

Lets take a look at other non-local examples, Sri Lanka.

They have had their fair share of issues in past times. But these most recent issues only began to surface when Covid measures came into play. Measures pushed and promoted by World Health and WEF.

Note, I said measures, not Covid.

Those people in Sri Lanka right now are not protesting Covid... global Covid measures pushed by the global elitists deprived the country of tourists and money which along with a hefty dash of corruption has caused what you are seeing today.

This Wikipedia article does a fairly good job of cataloging the events in Sri Lanka if you’d like to read more. However, noting that Wikipedia can change at any moment and of course is sometimes biased.

It's a similar story in The Netherlands.

Global groups such as the WEF, UN, and Council on Foreign Relations push for green this and a green that, due of course because of the “climate catastrophe”, that we are still waiting to see happen.

I’ve been waiting for Waterworld to happen since 1995!

All jokes aside. What happens is politicians grasp onto these ideas for various reasons and decide to create new policies which are supposed to Save The Planet at some mystery point in time, in the future, but instead they have devastating effects on citizens right here and now!

In the case of the Netherlands example, it's livestock farmers that are being targetted and naturally, this has a flow-on effect.

It happened in India too with their farmer protests a couple years back.

These were mostly due to the fact that farmers wanted more private control of farms and fixed prices so as not to be thrown under the corporate busses!

Smart corporations are setting themselves up for record profits within The Great Reset borders that talk about corporate responsibility which once you spend just a few minutes trawling their information, you can quickly see that it just means corporate power grabs.

By the way, I don’t even necessarily agree with the fixed pricing part of the Indian Farmer's argument but I absolutely see why they demanded it.

It’s the same thing wherever you look.

In my own state of Victoria, they are now talking about cutting off our Natural Gas supply. Our cheap reliable gas! That we taxpayers funded the entire infrastructure for, over decades and decades. The gas that we’ve built our homes to support with appliances that burn cheap gas! And why?

Why do you think!?

Muh Climate Catastrophe Reeeee~!

How dare you Greta!

Let me ask any of you seriously believing that we are in a “Climate Catastrophe” something: why would the the former head of the government’s Emissions Reduction Assurance Committee in Australia, who spent years working on the integrity of the government’s carbon credit project call it all a fraud?

But what does all of this have to do with The World Economic Forums Great Reset agenda and how does it tie into Crypto?

Part of The Great Reset and Klaus ‘you vill eet ze bugs’ Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution is an implementation of digital identities and CBDCs.

My substantiated fear is that instead of pushing these types of agendas of theirs such as their ESGs, man-made climate baloney, and Stakeholder Capitalism crud, is that they will switch their strategy to the promotion and use of CBDCs, and then, instead of what they are doing now, forcing policies onto us that they know we do not want to accept, they will silently pull us into this world individually with a carrot and stick method via the CBDC.

To use the example of the Dutch farmers; instead of pushing unpopular policies, ruining generational businesses, and forcing farmers to sell their assets and land, they can use the CBDC and go direct to the demand side of the market and make the effect happen there.

A CBDC is a programmable money.

They can code in a discount on fruits, vegetables, and grains and program a higher cost for steak and if you are eating steak regularly maybe you pay a higher health insurance premium or maybe you even pay a higher tax!?

Using this example, they wouldn’t even necessarily need a policy, they would just need to train people into eating less meat because they are rewarded when they do so which given enough time will achieve the same result they are now trying to achieve.

This is surely too far-fetched?!

Is it really?

I dunno, ask the Chinese folks that can’t access their money right now because the all-knowing, all-powerful app says so.

Who the hell really knows what will happen in the future. The fact is that they are pushing all of these things simultaneously and once they see what they can do with CBDCs, pandora's box will be well and truly opened.

I have seen idiots on Twitter talking about how good it would be, to be incentivized to exercise in exchange for free gym memberships or lower health insurance premiums.

These people exist. They are the useful idiots of the modern world that will demand you and I use their CBDC in order to SAVE THE PLANET and they will do it the moment the man on the TV or social media tells them to.

World governments together with their agenda-creating buddies know these people exist. They just need the right set of narratives to be in play before they initiate the change.

You’ve been warned.

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