Tomatoes, Toasters & Autonomous Technology in 2018 — What It Means for You

They're here....

Tomatoes, Toasters & Autonomous Technology in 2018 — What It Means for You
Sentinel II

The machine pictured above is called the Tomra Sentinel II.

It sounds like something out of The Terminator.

Don’t be scared it’s just a tomato sorting machine. Oh, cute.

This is what it can do.

OK. Not so cute maybe. It’s almost completely fully-autonomous and it can sort tomatoes at 5 times the speed a human can and it sort’s 10 times the total amount of tomatoes in a single day.

Now that I got your attention with Tomato Bot.

I’m going to try and break this thing down for you because like I said, this article is about you and what your going to do. Hopefully I can scare or excite you enough so you remember to Google this topic while on the toilet later.

This is especially important if you want to be on the inside of the next technological revolution, financially speaking.

The new Autonomous revolution.

Because as with everything in life you have a choice. The choice, in this case, is to sit idly by and watch as jobs and job prospects dry up and along with the financial security or you can dive in and get wet, and maybe a bit rich.

You missed the dot-com-boom and you might have missed Bitcoin but you don’t have to miss this. In fact, you’ve probably heard people say they wish they had a time machine to go back to when Bitcoin was first introduced.

Well with a little imagination you can think of this article like your very own secret little time machine.

Only it’s not taking you back to when you could of “got in on the ground floor”. It’s a time machine from the future that’s sending present day you this following message — Freaky Autonomous technology will completely impact between 0 and 5 years from now, you better do something about it.

That’s not my opinion by the way and it’s not some mystical crystal ball gazing either. As crazy and as woo-woo as I sound right now consider this:

That timeline is based on the last hundred years of technological evolution.

Call it Moores law or whatever the hell you wanna call it.

The fact is that technology is going to do what it has always done. Both the breakthroughs and the adoption by people like you and I. It will speed up and take hold until whatever form these autonomous technologies take will saturate our society.


The pop-up toaster was invented exactly one hundred years ago. Around the same time, Arthur Scherbius patented a cryptographic apparatus which would later be called the Enigma Machine and the Spanish Flu killed between 50 and 100 million people.

Fast forward one hundred years. Let’s look at the contrast.

We kill flu’s before they can kill us, cryptography might not be a household word yet but Bitcoin is and what took 20 years to make a toaster pop in the early 1900’s would likely take engineering students minutes to figure out today.

The Internet, the one you know and use now was only released for commercial and public use in the mid 90’s, 1995 to be exact.

Think about that for a second.

In the time it took to work out how to pop toast we’ve connected billions of devices to the web and to each other, we’ve mapped our streets and even Mars, we book flights, food and, transport and we can even send bags of edible dicks (or glitter) to one another.

You get the point I’m trying to make by now.

And here is the really critical part.

While everybody who has an opinion on technology is talking about advanced artificially intelligent killer robots because that’s clickable news. They’re wrong, intentionally or unintentionally at least for now.

The truth is; AI is not here yet. Not on the large scale. That’s the next cycle. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. But for now, right now, it’s autonomous technology. To get to AI you need to get to autonomous technology first.

What Is Autonomous Technology?

We can define it as any technology that can fully function on its own without human intervention.

Yep, that’s right. Drones, autonomous vehicles, pizza delivery bots, self-flying helicopters or tomato sorting machines that are both cute and kinda scary like an adolescent lion.

Unless you’ve been meditating in a Himalayan cave for the last decade you already know by now that this technology is already here. It just hasn’t saturated yet.

But it’s juuust about to.

They’re here

‘They’re Heeeeeere’

As scary as names like “SENTINEL II” are you shouldn’t be afraid of autonomous technology.

Maybe poltergeists.

Jokes aside (sorry new gen kids, do an image search and you’ll get it)…

…if your senses aren’t in the least bit elevated by what a future where people are replaced by autonomous machines potentially means, then you simply haven't thought about it long or hard enough yet.

When you do eventually think about it you will realize that your current job can most likely be replaced by an autonomous machine.

Your kid’s jobs WILL be entirely replaced. If they even have the opportunity to have that job in the first place.

So what happens when tomato sorting C-3PO takes over?

Just like fire to a cave-man, it’s a dangerous opportunity, it all depends on what you do and how quickly you make that decision.

Option 1?

Universal Basic Income For All :)

Is what’s going to happen to everyone else.

If you’re like me you’ve seen this concept of the social structure discussed frequently. But why?

The frightening reason you keep seeing this thing called UBI (Universal Basic Income) discussed everywhere is because people a lot smarter than you and I know for a fact that these autonomous technologies are going to disrupt our societies, economies and workforces so much so that we might just need to figure out a way for people to still put food on the table because it’s either that or all-out chaos.

I’m talking street gangs, fires, sickness and death, starvation, civil wars — really bad shit. Think Mad Max style only without cool haircuts and jewelry.

As a complete side note -don’t get me wrong I’m no commie. I’m a free market man. A capitalist. But I’m also a realist. I think that if we enter this new arena of autonomous technology without really considering the repercussions it’ll have on 7 billion of us then I think we are being ignorant jerks.

We should most certainly be discussing UBI or something like it. Maybe for another time, but I thought I’d mention it seeing as it illustrates to you how real this situation is going to become in the next few years.

I have no clue what type of UBI model might work and at what level or for how many of us. All I know is it’s being discussed and the core reason it is being discussed so predominantly is that technology WILL continue to disrupt as well as improve many facets of our lives and this next wave will disrupt the way we put bread on the table forever.

Back to the question of what do we do about our tomato sorting friend?

So it’s really back on you, the balls in your court. As nice as it sounds to make it seem like its some kind of collective decision we all need to make and then we all sing Kumbaya. That’s just not how this is going to work.

So take that question of what WE do and remove WE and replace it with yourself, what are YOU going to do?

There are only two options.

You can sit on your ass and wait for them to give you a UBI or you can do something different and take control of your own destiny.

Here is what YOU do if YOU want to be on that inside of that technological revolution

So my take on it is like this.

What if instead of whining about it and standing around waiting for a government handout we can do something different.

What if you could build or own your own autonomous machines?

Kind of like owning a vending machine today.

Interesting concept maybe, right?

Keep reading.

Let me give you a few examples of how this is going to work and see if we can’t muster up a few ideas.

Autonomous Vehicles

Uber is already buying up Autonomous Volvo’s and testing them. They plan to buy 20,000 in a change from hiring freelance drivers with their own vehicles and moving to an ownership model where they own their own driver-less autonomous vehicles.

So what you say? How are you going to compete with Uber?

Don’t have to.

Decentralized systems and apps are flourishing. I’ll bet my house somebody is already working on a model that allows anyone with any vehicle driver-less or otherwise to offer their driving services to the public for a tiny fee. Oh, wait...I just Googled it, you owe me a house.

Self-driving trucks, tractors and machines

Uber, Google, Paleton, Starsky, Volvo, Embark, Daimler and more are all steamrolling ahead in a race towards 100% fully autonomous big-rigs carrying everything from fruits and vegetables to Amazon parcels right around the world.

And just like anything else on the free market these vehicles will be bought and sold. Do what you want with them, use them in your current business, by one kit it out and send it on adventures around the country or buy a fleet and dominate the freight and logistics industry like a madman.


Drone companies as you probably already know are making a killing working with realtors, construction, mining and logistics companies but little did you know that soon to be they’ll be fully autonomous and working in the areas of surveillance, security and used in emergency services.

Police won’t need to send choppers up into the sky to follow bad guys when they can place a target on the said bad guy and have their drone follow him around while they plan their takedown.

Its the same with dangerous massive land and bushfires. Fire departments will be able to launch aerial drones that scope the entire perimeter and deliver them valuable firefighting data.

And while these governmental bodies will most likely own their own machines, who’s going to build them, who’s going to train them, who is going to repair them and write the code? The opportunities are endless.

What about security companies which currently charge customers to surveil their commercial premises?

Do you know that this is still done by a guy driving around in a car and leaving business cards? What happens when you have security surveillance drones flying overhead as deterrents linked to live monitoring stations? Better yet what happens when your the guy that does it. What do you think is going to happen to your competition?

Money Mining Machines

Did you know you can go ahead right now do a search for Crypto-Currency Mining Rig, buy one for about 3 Grand, hook it up and it’ll whir away and make you money 24/7?

This is called Crypto-Currency Mining and it was first popularized by Bitcoin initially but nowadays there are literally thousands of currencies you can mine 100% on autonomous auto-pilot. The hardware is programmed to run without intervention and run it does.

And this is only the beginning. Now that companies and people much smarter than me have figured out that hardware and software together can solve problems and earn money what do you think is going to happen?

That’s right. Mining was just the beginning.

The list of things that hardware and or software can do is pretty big. It’s only our imagination that is limited.

Autonomous Journalists and Film Directors

Google a guy by the name of Phillip M Parker.

Or let me tell you a bit about him.

This guy is a professor of Marketing who quietly built a program that can write a book on any topic under the sun in about half an hour, package it up and publish it Amazon.

All he does is fill in the fields and hits the go button. The Autonomous software does the rest.

To date, he’s published over 200,000 books. He is technically speaking the worlds most published author. Only he doesn’t write the books, his software does. The last time I saw an article surface about him he was doing the same with educational YouTube videos.

If you think articles like the one you are reading now won’t be written by bots in the future you are dead wrong. There are are least half a dozen companies that are publicly already working on it andprobably dozens of others doing it in secret.

Give it five years and Mr. Parker won’t even have to fill in fields it’ll just happen.

So what happens if you take one of these software's and tell it to print the news 24/7 while you take care of I dunno say marketing the business and working on ad deals?

What happens when that software is not as klunky as it is today instead it writes like Salman Rushdie or Hunter S. Thompson and it does it to the tune of 1,000 world news and sports articles daily minus the cocaine and scotch problem?

What you’re left with as an army of writers, music producers, and filmmakers.

It’ll be up to Joe’s and Jane’s to decide whether or not they consumer autonomous news or if they prefer to go the organic route. I’m tipping we’ll see both.

Autonomous Internet Networks

If you didn’t already know from my previous articles, I’m a massive fan of Maidsafe and they’re SAFE Network.

Maidsafe is a technology company operating out of Troon Scotland and their building a completely autonomous data network. That’s a mouthful, I know. It’s essentially a new Internet.

A new Internet that isn’t owned or controlled by anyone, there’s no central servers and it has its own inbuilt currency that flows through the network.

And this is the key concept here. Our current Internet has many flaws but one of its flaws is there is no one single currency that is used and used easily online.

Maidsafe’s network actually distributes the storage and processing power and pays regular people the network currency to do it instead.

Kind of like Bitcoin mining. Only you hook up your laptop and it just sits there and “farms” data for the network. Same same but different really.

And that’s only one part of it. What about if your an app developer of content producer on this new Internet that has it’s own inbuilt currency? Hmm that outta get the cogs turning.

Domestic Household Bots

I’m not just talking about those stupid little vacuum cleaners that get stuck on cables and in corners. I’m talking about bots which take your clothes, wash them dry them, fold them and pack them away again for you. Just like Mama used to or err Papa sorry no offence.

Machines which will take what your microwave oven and kitchen machine currently do and times it by 50. You’ll be able to throw some ingredients at it and voila` a pizza will magically appear. I guarantee it. It’s already on the way.

And again continuing on with opportunity these machines will need to be made, sold, marketed, reviewed, tested, fixed and possibly even rented out.

3D Printing

Currently, unless you own a printer or can be bothered to spend the better part of a day trying to wrap your head around the process you couldn't give a rats about 3D Printing.

Turns out that soon enough you won’t even need to think about it.

You’ll take a snap of the part or component you need to be made, send it to the autonomous 3D printer at your local mall or library and collect it when it suites. It’ll figure out what you need, charge you for it, set it aside for collection or send it to you all by itself.

And no different to owning a vending machine today, there is an opportunity to buy these things and have them set up to run 24/7 minus a little downtime for maintenance.

But that’s small scale.

There are already 3D Printers which are printing entire houses, they’re laying or making bricks I should say so if you’re a builder or in the construction game this is going to affect you whether you like it or not. If I was you, id be running full speed ahead at this technology before your competitors do.

And that’s not the only thing that’s changing in construction.

Buildings themselves are becoming autonomous.

Lighting, heating, air flow, cleaning, water so on and so forth is all being automated and it’s all underpinned by IoT (Internet of Things) and BIM (Building Information Modeling).

Sure you might not have the resources to develop your own sensor networks or autonomous heating systems for a building but what if as a cleaning contractor you can offer your client to send cleaners as and when the building sends you a message that bathrooms need to be cleaned and the plants need to be watered.

The possibilities are endless if you are willing to accept change.

Like it or not

As I said earlier “they’re here”. Autonomous technology is here to stay and you can do something with it or you can fight it.

So what you do next matters. Choose wisely. Because everyone else will be waiting for a Universal Basic Income and be fighting over scraps.

Only forward thinkers and arbiters of change that can adapt will prosper.

This story was published through SAFE Network.


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